WalhallaMOD – Guild System

Guild System

Guild Notes

In the WalhallaMOD it is possible to „join“ a guild. Being in a guild is done by having a so called Guildstone cubed with a guild medal.
Guild-medals can be bought by Akara. At the beginning of your journey you get always such an item. In earlier mod versions guild medals had to be cubed with amuletts – this does not work anymore!

Witch Guild

The Witch Guild is perfectly for magical classes or subclasses. With in this guild you can cast skills much faster and have an additional mana boost.


Berserk Guild

Melee fighting character will choose the Berserk Guild to get more damage and a high strenght bonus.


Juggler Guild

Passive Characters may choose the Juggler Guild to improve dexterity and for reduced vendor prices. This Guild gives also a bonus to summoned animals like wolves and grizzly but not for undeads.


Angel Aspirant Guild

Holy Knights would choose the Angel Aspirant Guild to get a holy bonus for fighting undeads and demons. For those holy work they are rewarded with a high life boost.


Thief Guild

Thiefs are quick. Choosing this guild will make you character much more faster and quicker in slashing the enemies down.


Vampire Guild

Vampires are away from the Light. They have to use their Unholy-Bind skill to mighten up undead summons like skeletton. Additional energy bonus and a higher armor class is also granted. Choose this guild if you are the leader of an Army of Darkness.


Mechanical Guild

Mechanics are able to optimize lightning- and fire traps so they will do more devastating damage to the minions of hell.