WalhallaMOD – Hellfire quest

Hellfire Quest / Pandemonium Run
The „hellfire quest“ is a special feature which came with Lord of Destruction v1.11. In this mod, this quest was rebuild to fit into a Lord of Destruction v1.10 game version. So it works slightly different.

You need some keys to open portals to special places where boss monster holds organs. These organs were needed to open a portal to „Uber Tristram“. There, very strong boss monsters awaits your comming.

  • Key of Terror (dropped by The Countess)
  • Key of Hate (dropped by The Summoner)
  • Key of Destruction (dropped by Nithalak)
  • Diablo’s Horn (dropped by Lillith)
  • Mephisto’s Brain (dropped by Uber Izual)
  • Baal’s Eye (dropped by Uber Duriel)

To get the keys, you need to kill each of the three keyholders (The Countess, The Summoner and Nithalak) and make them drop their key. In this mod they drop every run such a key.
When you got one key, you can open a portal to a boss monster. First you have to transmute the key into the horadric cube to get a magic book with a charged portal skill. Beware: You have to stay in the correct act to open the portal. Read the item description carefully because it says which act is the correct one.

  • Matron’s Den (Hosts Lillith wich drops Diablo’s Horn; Act 1 only)
  • Furnace of Pain (Hosts Uber Izual wich drops Mephisto’s Brain; Act 4 only)
  • The Forgotten Sands (Hosts Uber Duriel wich drops Baal’s Eye; Act 2 only)

When you’ve gotten into everyone of these three places and killed their boss, you got all three artifacts. When you got them, you put them in your cube and creates an magic book with „Uber Portal“ charge.
You need to stay in act 1 to open a portal to a special version of Tristram, wich is populated by with an Uber Diablo, Uber Mephisto and Uber Baal. They all drop a piece of the Hellfire Torch. Cubing these three pieces together and you get a Large Charm with these stats:

  • 25% chance to cast lvl 10 firestorm when hit
  • +3 to all skills (class related)
  • +10-20 to all atributes
  • +10-20 to all resistances
  • +8 to light radius
  • lvl 30 hydra 10 charges