WalhallaMOD – Hirelings



Act 1 – Rogue of the elements
The rogue is a good ranged mercenary. She will reinforce you from the background.

Can use: Bows, Crossbows

Normal: Fire Arrow, Cold Arrow, Lightning Arrow
Nightmare: Fire Arrow, Cold Arrow, Lightning Arrow
Hell: Fire Arrow, Cold Arrow, Lightning Arrow

Magic Rogue (only Hell): Magic Arrow, Multiple Shoot

Act 1 – Lancer
The lancer rogue attacks the enemies with spears. In nightmare and hell she deals lightning damage by her spear skills.

Note that she needs a re-load after hire(save/exit)!

Can use: Spears, Polearms, Staffs, Javelins, Shields

Normal: Attack
Nightmare: Jab, Lightning Strike
Hell: Jab, Charged Strike


Act 2 – The desert mercenary
The desert merc is a very strong melee fighter. He gives the whole party nice aura effects.

Can use: Spears, Polearms, Staffs
Skill bonus: Spear and Polearm Mastery

Combat: Prayer (normal), Thorns (nightmare), Prayer (hell)
Defensive: Defiance (normal), Holy Freeze (nightmare), Defiance (hell)
Offensive: Blessed Aim (normal), Might (nightmare), Blessed Aim (hell)


Act 3 – The ironwolf
The ironwolves reinforce you with strong spells. The higher the merc level the higher the spell level.

Can use: Swords, Shields
Cold: Ice Blast, Frost Armor, Glacial Spike
Fire: Inferno, Fire Ball
Lightning: Charged Bolt, Lightning


Act 5 – The Barbarian
He is a very strong fighter and can crush the enemies lines.

Can use: Melee Weapons, Shields
Defensive: Thorns
Offensive: Concentration