WalhallaMOD – Levels

Act 1
Act 2
Act 3
Act 4
Act 5

– Act 1 –

Act 1 – The Goblin Forest
The Goblin Forest is the living place of the Goblins. Goblins are little green monsters. They are weak and shouldn’t be a problem for low level characters.
Harkowicz, the boss goblin, defends a shrine which contains a Magic Book.

Entry: Graveyard
Enemies: Goblin, Goblin Archer, Goblin Berserker

Act 1 – Rats Pest
The Rats Pest is a little cave level with some rats inside. Snage, the Rats King, is its boss monster.

Entry: Monastry
Enemies: Rat

Act 1 – The Cathedral
The Cathedral of Tristram is filled with strong enemies and the Butcher returned to this place.

Entry: Tristram
Enemies: Slaughter Novice

Act 1 – The Hate Dungeon
A three level dungeon with hate fully enemies. The showdown with Marilith is divided in three phases.

Entry: Rogue Encampement
Enemies: Claw Viper, Imp, Blood Lord, Succubus, Canto, Doom Knight

Act 1 – The Secret Cow Level
The Cowlevel was greatly increased. Only here drops the „Cow Kings Leather Set“.

Entry: Rogue Encampment or Cube Reciepe (Wirts Leg + Townportal Book)
Enemies: Hell Bovine, Fallen

– Act 2 –
Act 2 – Arena
The Arena is a special map which can be used to fight against each other or together against monsters. In the middle of the arena is a morph nest, which spawns a monster after destroying.
If you destroy the spawned monster, a second monster grows up and attacks you. This goes several times and after crushing the last enemy, you will be rewarded with a rune.
Doing this arena run in hell and you get a bonus to your arena counter. Reaching a special number of runs and you get some unique items (randomized).
Note, that the enemies have random immunities!

Entry: Lut Gholein
Enemies: Alot

Act 2 – Tavern of the Drunken Unicorn
Only a tavern level. Will be extended with „Hall of Fame“ characters. You have to reach lvl 100 and sent me your character save game. The first 10 people will be moved directly to the game!

Entry: Lut Gholein

– Act 3 –
Act 3 – no level


– Act 4 –
Act 4 – no level


– Act 5 –
Act 5 – Hells Torment
This is a multi level dungeon with so called „Phase Monsters“. These monsters have random immunities and very strong. Only high level players can defeat them and go deeper to the special areas.

Entry: World Stone Chamber
Enemies: Phase Monsters

– Road To Gladsheim –
– no level


more levels are comming