WalhallaMOD – Silbenwörter

Syllable words
Syllables words
Syllables are like runes. You can put them in items with free sockets. It makes no sense, in which items the syllables were be put. They work in all item classes. So you can put the right combinations into shoes, belt, boots, weapons, gloves, shields, helmets and armors. Note that all syllables are un-translated from german. That means that you have also build german syllables words in your english mod version.

You get only bonus when the complete syllable word was insert into the item.

List of the Syllables:

  • Frie
  • den
  • damm
  • ig
  • keit
  • los
  • nis
  • Schlaf
  • Ver
  • be
  • Lie
  • Hoff
  • nung

Syllables words:
(for Weapons, Armors, Gloves, Boots, Helmets, Belts, Shields)

Syllable word 1 – Verdammnis
Syllables: Ver damm nis

25-30% increased damage
5-10% Chance of critical hit
+5-10 to Energy
Extra Blood

Syllable word 2 – Verbal
Syllables: Ver bal

15% Monster flees
+2-4 Level Confuse
+5-10 to Strenght

Syllable word 3 – Frieden
Syllables: Frie den

Enemys rest in peace
5-10% cheaper preices

Syllable word 4 – Schlaflosigkeit
Syllables: Schlaf los ig keit

1-2% to experience gained
25-50 to stamina / day
35-45 to armorclass/ day

Syllable word 5 – Liebe
Syllables: Lie be

5-10% better Chance of mag. Items
+2-3 Level Terror

Syllable word 6 – Hoffnung
Syllables: Hoff nung

10-20% better Chance of mag. items
5-10% deadly strike
10-15 to Vitality

Syllable word 7 – Schlafl
Syllables: Schlaf los

magic resit per level